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Get The IRS Off Your Back

once and for all

Take control of your life.

Do you have that gut-wrenching feeling in the pit of your stomach when you get an IRS Notice or Letter? For seven years, those notices and letters were sent by me while working for the IRS. You feel the weight, the stress, lying in bed at night awake and afraid. 


It's time to sleep better at night!℠ 

As a federally licensed tax practitioner, I regularly and aggressively negotiate tax debt settlements on behalf of clients. Don't go up against the IRS alone!

I've got your back.

Success Stories


  • Appeals

  • ​Audits

  • Collections​

  • ​Examination

  • ID Theft

  • Levies/Liens

  • Payroll issues

  • Penalty abatement

  • Property seizure

  • ​Transcript Analysis

  • ​Unfiled tax returns

  • Wage garnishments

Back taxes and penalties from $49k to just under $19k

When I came to Kristine, I was at wits end!!!!!! I had tried one of the other tax lawyers endorsed by Sean Hannity. Boy was that a mistake. I paid them $3,500.00, and they screwed everything up. Once I had my appointment with Mrs. Stevenson, she went to work. She did her research kept me informed on every step that she was doing. She found the errors from the past company and fixed them. She dealt directly with the IRS. While waiting for their response, she would suggest what my next step was, and I followed her advice. Now thanks to Mrs. Stevenson my back taxes and penalties dropped from 49,000.00 to just under 19,000.00. You will hear advertisements about the biggest and the best. ALL LIES!!! Mrs. Stevenson out works and outperforms EVERYBODY!!! Heed my advice don't waste your time with others, trust me, SHE'S THE BEST!!!!!!!


Unpaid Taxes, Past Due Tax Return

Diligent and Professional

Kristine Stevenson worked diligently with numerous levels of the IRS to negotiate a settlement and/or waiver of all penalties and interest. She did a great job. She continued to contact, call, write and email different levels of the IRS working on my behalf to resolve the issues pertaining to the late filing of our taxes over several years. I can't thank her enough for her diligence, effort and professionalism. I would highly recommend her to anyone trying to work through and resolve issues on their behalf.

Michael B.

Past Due Tax Return, Tax Penalties

So much easier for me!

Thank you Miss Kristine for the help. It was so much easier for me that you could do this and help me take off the penalties and make arrangements for the rest. Thank you so much!!


Tax Penalties, Tax-Related Identity Theft

Penalties Solved

She helped me solve my penalties from all the IRS letters.



Have a Little More Peace and a Plan

"The work Kristine did clearly allowed me to see how my husband and I got into the back tax mess we were in. The report identified the years of unpaid taxes, the interest, and penalties. Kristine replied in a timely manner to my emails, texts, and phone calls. Kristine was patient with me on the phone and I never felt like she was rushing me off the call. I felt confident that Kristine was very knowledgeable about how the IRS operates and that she was capable of navigating the IRS on our behalf. We still have a long way to go and we hope Kristine will see us through but I do have a little more peace and a plan for moving forward."


Unpaid Taxes, Tax Lien

Negotiated A Resolution for Company's Tax Balance

Kristine provided guidance and negotiated a resolution for the company's delinquent income tax balance. Kristine made suggestions relevant to the company's operations to minimize future penalties or tax expenses. Kristine is very "hands on", taking time to evaluate the company's procedures and accounting practices. Kristine "counsels" management and presents them with ideas for expansion and growth. She becomes a member of the "team", supportive and ready to provide insight in company goals to address tax obligations.


Unpaid Taxes, Past Due Tax Return, Tax Lien, Tax Penalties

Communicates the Whole Time

Kristine communicates with you the whole time. Let's you know exactly what is going on. Highly recommend her to anyone.


Unpaid Taxes

Success Stories


How Tax Resolution Works

Book A Call

In this call we'll discuss your current tax situation, including any recent IRS or State notice or letter, amount of tax due, and your general financial condition.

Phase I - Investigation of Liability and Financial Analysis

We begin a deep dive of your IRS account history, gather relevant facts, including detailed information about your current financial condition. All clients go through Phase I. No exceptions. 

Phase II - Representation and Resolution

In this phase, we work together for the best outcome given the facts and circumstances of your case, as well as applying the tax law to your advantage.

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