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Live The Life You Want

without the stress

Define and achieve
your goals.
Learn to be intentional
with your money.
Sleep better knowing
you are in control.

We're in this together.

It's okay to be scared. Overcoming your money mess may seem overwhelming, but we'll walk through my signature process, step by step. With years of experience, I'm here to guide you through the unknown and help you live the life you dream of.


How Coaching Works

Apply to work with Kristine

In this call, we will discuss your current situation and how financial coaching can help you live the life you want.

Make a plan and take action

Together, we will walk through the process step by step. Gain control of your finances. Take daily small-steps to transform your financial future.

Know peace, no stress

Gain the peace and confidence to know that your financial future is bright and on track. Achieve the financial goals you have always dreamed of!

$30K paid in 16 months

"Thanks to my financial coach, Kristine, for helping me pay off $30,808 of debt in 16 months!"

Janet W.

Panic is totally gone!

"I was totally freaked out and panicked about how I would pay this debt. Now, I feel so much better and the stress of taking forever to pay this off 'til I'm practically 40 is totally gone."

Ginnie B.

You have given me HOPE.

"Thank you, so much, for your time and knowledge.

You have given me HOPE. Something that I was beginning to lose, despite my faith that God does have a plan for us, and his plan is greater and more perfect than mine."

Myra M.

Car repair now just an inconvenience!

"On a side not Murphy showed up yesterday and I need to replace the transmission on my truck. I was bummed out for a bit but thanks to the emergency fund it's just an inconvenience."

Juan F.

Life goal achieved

"I just wanted to tell you that today Jerry became a U.S. Citizen and I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart. Because without you this would not have happened! You made us stop making excuses and get our life together! Jerry is so happy and we just wanted to thank you again for everything!"

Tamara & Jerry

Paid off our home!

"We were blessed that we were led to a Financial Peace class at Church which led to Kristine which helped us become Debt Free! Kristine taught us how to maximize our income and not be held captive by the lender. We paid off our home and a year later I took a 70% pay cut at a job of 30 years. 2 years earlier, that would have been devastating. It was an inconvenience. Being debt free allowed us to focus on solutions instead of reacting blindly. Thank you Kristine!"

Jeff J.

Provided a place for us to talk through our financial struggles

Kristine really helped my wife and I navigate the new financial challenges as young parents.  We went to her hoping to get advice on how to pay off a little debt, but the biggest takeaway we got was getting on the same page and making real budgets, and seeing where the other person was coming from when it comes to how and where we spend our money.

Jason F.

Will shave off 19 years on mortgage!

Client will shave off 19 years on their mortgage and save $34k+ in interest!

Charlie M.

$27k paid and debt free!

Joey paid off $27,000 in debt and is now debt free!!

Joey M.

Come celebrate with us!

Join us on Facebook to see many other clients celebrate their accompishments!

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